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The Surname Tree
Get Started FAQ

All you need to know to get started on The Surname Tree

What happens next?

Once we receive your application, it will be reviewed. We need to be satisfied that you are a bona fide representative of the Ogle surname

How do I start?

Once we have granted you an account, you provide us with a relative of this surname with dates (it can be yourself) to set up the tree. After that you can add relatives yourself, either upwards (ancestors) or downwards (descendants). See the Guide section on the biography pages.

Can I add as many relatives as I want?

In principal, if they are the same surname or directly related, you can. If you stray too far from the trunk of the tree we might require you to start a separate tree

Can I see my own tree?

Each relative has their ancestry listed in their biography page.
If you are logged in and related to this relative, click on Relationship for a tree diagram

What can I add on a biography page?

Biographies are the heart of The Surname Tree. Basic information on the relative is added automatically, it is up to you to put some meat on the bone. See William Ada as an example of a full biography.

What do I do with photos?

You can upload one photo to each section of a biography.
If the back of the photo has anything of interest, make sure you include that as well. For example, if you click on the photo of Cecelia Doris Vaughan you can see the back of the photo.

What do I do with certificates?

TST takes certificates seriously. There is a full set of processes for uploading, transcribing and identifying individuals in birth, baptism, marriage, divorce and death certificates so that for each relative you know which documents mention them. These TST documents are private to the family, although outsiders can purchase a download to contribute to running costs (see Subscriptions). See this working example where each relative provides a link to their biography. The document can be further updated if more relatives are identified.

The Surname Tree
Pricing FAQ

How pricing works on The Surname Tree

The Pricing Model

All your relatives can see all the content for free. They just need to log in.
To enable this, The Surname Tree requires a single curators for the account, paying a subscription of £4.95 a month.
Some Collections have more than one curator to curate different branches of the Collection.
Costs can be partially recovered through charges to non-relatives such as the Day Pass and the Doc Pass.

The first month Trial

The first month is completely free of charge - we do not even ask for credit card details - this is to give you time to decide whether The Surname Tree is suitable for you.

After The Trial

To continue after the first month, you will need set up a Direct Debit via the Stripe payment gateway for £4.95 a month. You can at any time opt for the Collection Plus subscription for £14.95 a month with enhanced features.

How the Day Pass works

Any relative can access all the biographical content on your tree, free of charge, you just need to approve their application
Anyone else can see a partial biographical content, to see the full content they apply for a Day Pass for a nominal charge (£ ±1), which needs to be approved by you or another curator.

How the Doc Pass works

Any relative can access all the documents (as well as biographies) on your tree, free of charge, you just need to approve their application.
Anyone else who would like to see a particular document pays a nominal charge (£ ±1) to download the document(s), once approved by a curator.

Revenue Stream Options

You can choose to have a Private account (most people will only find your surname pages if you tell them about it) without a revenue stream.
The standard account is Public which enables Search Engines to scan your content, distant relatives can discover you, and you can obtain revenue from Day Pass and Doc Pass requests.