Features of the Surname Tree

A selection of features available on The Surname Tree
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Designed all the way up

The Surname Tree has been built around a Wish List of the founders who wanted the perfect way to develop their own family tree, so every relative has a biography page and every member of the family sees the site from their own personal perspective.

Your own ancestors on the Tree

As you search through Names, you will see how each relative is related to you, and if you click on the icon, you can see a detailed explanation of how you are related to that relative.

Your Eight Greats

We may all be able to identify our grandparents, but how many of your great grandparents do you know? When you consider that you are the combination of those eight great grandparents, it is worth finding out more.

The Library

The Library is where you can find all documents relating to the family and you can find out more about your ancestry. You can also contribute yourself, with certificates, documents, photos and anecdotes.

The Blog

Researching your ancestors, you should find that some of them are a lot more interesting than you thought and you can then create a blog about them, this can be linked to a circular which is a customised email for each relative - the perfect way to bring everyone back to the Collection from time to time.

The Papers

Once you start asking around you will find that someone has already researched the family tree. Find this research - do not let it end up in a skip! The Surname Tree has a special Papers section where you can upload scanned documents so that you or others can eventually transcribe and integrate this research into the Collection.

TST Documents

There is a full set of options for uploading, transcribing and searching every type of document including birth, baptism, marriage, divorce and death certificates, so that for each relative you know which documents mention them. These TST documents are private to the family, and listed on each relative‘s biography page.


Any living relatives in the Collection should not be visible to the public or to search engines, unless you specifically make their biography public. You can also request Total privacy with no public or search engine access for the Collection, however might mean that no-one will ever find you on the internet.

Revenue Potential

If your family is fascinating enough - or famous enough - to be of interest to a wider audience, and you would like the Collection to pay for itself, consider taking advantage of our Revenue Options.
On the biography page, you can show content to logged-in relatives, but visitors see a truncated biography with the option to request a Day Pass to see all biographies in full. Documents can likewise be restricted, and access to these can be individually priced.

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